Can You Win Big with No Deposit at Online Casinos?

Have you ever played in an online casino? If yes then you might have already heard about no deposit bonuses. It is one of the most popular bonuses that you can claim in an online casino. It is a reward that is given out to players just for registering an account at the site. Like the name says, no deposit is required for this bonus.

No Deposit at Online Casinos

Can You Win Big with No Deposit at Online Casinos?

As soon as your account is approved, you are going to get the no deposit bonus. Once it is available, you can start to play the real money games for free by using the bonus. In case you get lucky, you will be able to claim the wins and withdraw them or use them again to play more games. 

However, it might not be possible to grab bigger wins with the no deposit bonus. Let’s take a look at the reasons why. 

  1. No Deposit Bonuses Are Usually Small

Almost all online casinos provide their customers with a Welcome Bonus and these are large in amount. However, the same can’t be said about the deposit bonus. A gambling site will not provide you with free money in the value of hundreds.  Surely, the registration details are not worth such a high amount. Moreover, it is a business and a casino’s ultimate aim is to make money. They provide the no deposit bonus expecting the players to stay long at the site to deposit more money and play the games they offer. 

Since you will only get a small amount, you will be able to bet a small amount. So, unless you are playing a jackpot game, you will not be able to win big. 

  1. No Deposit Bonus Has a High Wagering Requirement

Before using the casino bonus, you check out the wagering requirement that comes with it. The wagering requirement is the amount a player should get before they can cash out the bonus money. This is usually a multiple of the bonus amount. 

But the issue with a no deposit bonus is that the wagering requirement attached to it is pretty high. For instance, you might have to roll over the bonus amount 60 times before claiming the wins. Thus, it becomes more difficult for you to claim the bonus money or your wins. 

  1. No Deposit Bonus Wins Are Capped

Who wouldn’t want to transform their bonus money into a jackpot! You can wager $10 and win a big amount if you play a progressive slot. But a casino is always aware of that. Thus, to make a profit they can cap your wins at some point when you use their offers. 

So, you cannot expect to win hundreds of dollars from the no deposit bonus

  1. You Have to Follow the Minimum Withdrawal Limit

Sure, even if you win a small amount from the no deposit bonus, it seems great but you will not be able to withdraw your small wins. This is because often online casinos set a minimum withdrawal limit that might be higher in value. 

  1. No Deposit Bonus Might be Non-Withdrawable

One of the primary misconceptions that players have about no deposit bonus is that they work just like a deposit bonus. But that isn’t the case. When you use a no deposit bonus, you have the chance to withdraw it when you fulfill all the terms and conditions. 

But no deposit bonus doesn’t work the same way. At some casinos, you might not be able to withdraw the bonus even after you cater to all the terms and conditions. Moreover, since there is a cap on the wins, you will not even be able to withdraw all the money you have won. This can be a little disappointing for several players. 

  1. Not Every Game will Contribute to the Wagering Requirement

When it comes to the wagering requirement, you should know that not every game contributes to it. 

For instance, if you play a slot that has 97% RTP, just 20% is going to contribute to the wagering requirement. 

Hence, it is better to play a slot game that comes with a 95% RTP or lower. This is because then it contributes highly to the wagering requirement.  Make sure you read through the terms and conditions to learn about the restricted games or which game contributes the most to the wagering requirement of the no deposit bonus. At times, casinos tend to exclude table games from the wagering requirement. 

Things to Consider Before Using a No Deposit Bonus

When you are using a no deposit bonus, there are a few things that you need to take into account. Let’s take a look at that. 

  1. Rollover Requirement

The first thing that you should check is the wagering or rollover requirement. It is vital information that you need to check when you want to make money using the no deposit bonus. It is favorable if the wagering requirement is low. If it comes with a high wagering requirement, it is better to avoid it.

  1. Small Print

The terms and conditions page might not really be exciting to read. This is the reason players tend to ignore it. However, that is a mistake. Remember, the terms and conditions are capable of making or breaking the bonus. When they are favorable, the bonus can be incredible. But if it restricts you too much or makes it difficult for you to withdraw the money, it is better to avoid them.

  1. Games Included in the Bonus

When you are claiming the no deposit bonus, you need to check the games that you are allowed to play. In case you don’t and you start to play the game that isn’t included in the promotional offer, you might end up spending money that you did not mean to.

Bottom Line

All these show that though it might be possible to win big with a no deposit bonus, it might not be that easy. Also, you play a significant role in this. So, make sure you consider everything before claiming the no deposit bonus.

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