10 Things You Should Know About WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp Business is a powerful tool for both small and big business owners. Initially designed for small business owners, it has become famous for e-commerce companies.

WhatsApp Business makes it easy for the company to connect with customers, feature their products, and answer their queries. Here are 10 helpful features of WhatsApp Business. 

  1. Creates A Business Profile 

Businesses can have a WhatsApp business profile with information like website address, email address, and business description. A WhatsApp business account will help brands gain the trust of the users. A verified badge in WhatsApp Business for professional looks professional. Whatsapp Dp for your business account should carry the business logo. 

  1. Quick replies to common questions 
WhatsApp Business Quick replies for common questions
WhatsApp Business Quick replies for common questions

WhatsApp Business Quick replies for common questions

Sometimes, the queries of different customers are similar. In such a scenario, quick replies come very handy. Quick replies make it easier to answer the customers’ frequently asked questions quickly. 

  1. Automated Greeting Message 

WhatsApp Business allows the business to provide automatic greeting messages for clients.

Whenever a customer initiates a conversation on your WhatsApp Business account, they will instantly be greeted with a greeting message. You can customise the greeting message according to your choice. 

  1. It is possible to set away messages.

You will have business hours if your business is not working round the clock. Setting away messages is helpful when someone tries to contact your business account after business hours.

They are similar to greeting messages but are also sent to customers when they message you after working hours. 

  1. Label contacts for easy categorisation 

With so many customers messaging you in WhatsApp Business, you might quickly lose track of who is who. In such a problematic situation, labelling contacts come very handy.

WhatsApp Business makes it possible to organise customer contacts by categorising them with labels. For instance, you can create a label chat like a new customer, new order, pending payment, paid and order complete. 

  1. Message statistics are provided to the business owner

Data statistics are vital for any business to improve itself. WhatsApp Business understands it and therefore offers vital message statistics to the users. This feature is beneficial to understand the engagement and experience of the customer.

To keep your members engaged, business owners should keep uploading statuses for their customers. For instance, you can motivate your clients with Attitude Status if you are a gym owner. This will further keep your customers engaged with your WhatsApp Business account. 

  1. Product catalogues can be shared on WhatsApp Business

Sharing catalogues on WhatsApp Business provides an easy way for business to showcase their products to their customers. The business owners can decide whether they want to include information like the product code, price, description and website link in the catalogue. A maximum of 500 products can be included in a catalogue. 

  1. Interactive business messages can be included in FAQs

WhatsApp Business allows owners to add interactive business messages for frequently asked questions. WhatsApp Business has two interactive business options: CTA and Quick Reply.

With the CTA option, the customer will be either redirected to a call or a webpage. With the Quick reply option, the customers will be provided with an automated answer to eliminate the need to type the answer for the customers manually. 

  1. Supports Facebook Shops Integration 

Facebook has recently introduced the Facebook Shops tool, which provides customers with a customised experience for their online business on Facebook. It further supports the other apps in the Facebook family.

Connecting Facebook Shop with Business Account to grow your business more is possible. However, there are a few terms and conditions that the user needs to comply with before linking the two accounts. 

  1. It’s possible to make a WhatsApp payment

WhatsApp payment was a long-pending feature of WhatsApp, which was finally introduced in India. With WhatsApp payment, it is possible to send, split and pay money with no fees on the platform. To set up WhatsApp Payment, the user must add a bank and verify it. 

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