Top 5 Apps for Clearing RAM Space on Android Phones

Top 5 Apps for Clearing RAM Space on Android Phones

In one of our posts, we talked about things you should consider before buying a smartphone, one of which is the RAM space. Many smartphones are being produced every day, and almost all of them come with entirely different specifications and features.

Something about Android phone specifications is that the higher the RAM, the higher the price. And yeah, RAM is a major feature on both cheap and expensive Android phones. The amount of memory needed depends on what you’re looking to do on your phone.

Due to the price tag of most high-RAM smartphones, people are forced into buying mid-range or low-range smartphones, which, in the long run, starts giving them low performance in their day-to-day usage.

Each phone has its limits, and those limits have to be proportionate to your needs. If they are not, there are apps out there that help clear RAM space and eliminate unnecessary things in your storage. Multitasking on your phone may become a challenge unless there’s more room on your RAM.

Every video game has its limits as well. So, if you go for playing graphically challenging online casino games either via a browser or an app, real-time online strategies, or anything online-based, you will need a bigger RAM space. This is because all of these types of games have huge requirements, and a lot of hardware participates in making your fun time happen.

The more RAM space your system consumes before diving into these games, the higher the odds that your game will start acting all laggy and stuttery, messing up your gaming experience. And that’s where having more RAM space cleared comes in handy, making your gaming escapades way more enjoyable.

Installing a RAM-clearing app is all you need to speed up your smartphone. The apps shown below do not require root permission. However, if your phone is rooted, they will work perfectly.

1. DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

DU Speed Booster Cleaner

Kicking off our lineup is DU Speed Booster & Cleaner, a utility app that’s probably crossed your radar before. This is one of the best free RAM-clearing apps for Android.

As we said, size matters, but this app is less than 3MB. This is one of the best free RAM-clearing apps for Android.

It has up to 100 million and counting installs on Google Play Store. It comes with many features that will help you clear your RAM space, making your phone multitask very easily and swiftly.

2. CCleaner


CCleaner has been hailed as a top-notch performance enhancer, not only for Android devices but also for computers and laptops. CCleaner rolls out the red carpet with its super convenient Analyse button (just one click), and it gets down to business for you. Once the app’s done sweeping up all that digital dust, you’ve got the option to clean things up manually or let CCleaner do the heavy lifting.

CCleaner isn’t just your ordinary RAM cleaner app. It has an advantage over its counterparts, like keeping a watchful eye on your CPU usage. If any bothersome app starts disturbing your phone, the CCleaner’s on the case ready to notify you.

3. Purify


Purify is one of the best RAM-clearing apps out there. It does not consume big ROM and RAM space while running.

One of the things to consider when downloading a RAM-clearing app is its storage size and RAM consumption. I think it is wrong for a RAM-clearing app to also consume RAM space; it should help save it.

Features of Purify include an auto clearing of RAM and purification of apps installed in your smartphone until they are launched.

With Purify, you do not need to dress yourself; it automatically cleans your RAM space when it detects a low or sluggish performance on your phone. It also hibernates your app until they are ready for use.

4. Files By Google

Files by Google

Files By Google not only sweeps away junk files but also drops some wisdom on you, suggesting you trash old memes, photos that have seen better days, and those apps you downloaded and forgot about years ago.

What sets Files by Google apart is its dual identity as a file manager and a speedster in the offline file-transfer game. It’s like having your cake and eating it too! And here’s the cherry on top: no annoying ads getting in your face. Yeah, you read right—it’s the ultimate Android cleaner app that won’t give you any ad-related headaches.

5. Smart RAM Booster


One of my favorites is the smart RAM Booster.

It comes with many features that you will love, trust me. One of those features is setting a minimum RAM usage so that when the smartphone reaches that limit, it will automatically clear all apps on the phone.

As I said, size matters, but this app is less than 3MB in size. Just like other apps listed, it can internally clear your RAM, making sure no app is consuming your RAM space.

In Conclusion

Regular maintenance is not necessary for most Android users, but it can help to keep your device running smoothly in some cases.

Even if you do not take time to clean out junk from your device, it will keep running. This is because most modern Android devices have plenty of RAM and storage to cope with anything you install or save.

However, if you notice a problem with your Android device, an Android cleaner could perk it up. You can take further action later if needed.

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