Is It A Worthwhile Move To Buy Refurbished Apple Products?

Apple is one company that has managed to differentiate itself in business. Think about it for a minute. How many brands can brag that people line up for hours waiting for their latest products?

A 2017 BBC article shared a report on this interesting phenomenon. Fans lined up from the middle of the night for the almost £1000 iPhone X. In London, eager shoppers did not even mind the nighttime cold. Indeed their only concern was the lack of portaloos. Similar lines happened in 2022 at the Shenzhen Apple Store for the iPhone 14 series. You can be sure of similar queues in other areas.

So, what makes Apple products so popular? Well, the company has established itself as a leading innovator. In addition, it never disappoints fans, thus establishing a loyal customer base.

But the reality for most people is that Apple products may be out of their reach due to the cost. Imagine dropping the price of a monthly mortgage on a phone. But, there is an attractive option in buying refurbished Apple products.

Yet the question is, should you buy refurbished Apple products?

What are Refurbished Apple Products?

Refurbished items typically have something wrong with them. The customer returns the item to the retailer. They can also take them to third-party sellers who then fix the problem. Once the item is operational, the retailer will sell it as refurbished.

Apple has an online store that sells refurbished electronics. The company takes stringent measures to ensure that the used items are as good as new products. Yet they come at a much lower price tag. This increases accessibility to customers who may not have money for a new one.

Apple has a certification process that ensures all functionality of the used products. They may, for example, put in a fresh battery and a new outer shell. On top of that, they provide a one-year warranty.

So what happens if you have an iPhone that you no longer need? You have the option of trading your iPhone to third-party retailers. What you get in exchange is cash or credit. Make sure you check the market value to get a fair deal.

So why should you consider trading versus selling your used Apple iPhone? With trading, you get credit facilities for other purchases at a future date. When you sell, you receive instant cash. Either option is attractive, depending on your preference.

Why Refurbished Apple Products Are a Good Buy

Why Refurbished Apple Products Are a Good Buy

Let’s look at some pros of refurbished Apple Products.

Lower Pricing without Compromise on Functionality

One significant advantage of buying refurbished Apple products is lower pricing. As we stated above, few customers can afford the high costs of new ones. But the desire to own an Apple product does not diminish anyway.

With refurbished Apple products, you get optimal functionality without spending a lot. You can save up to 60% on refurbished Macs. True, the model might be a bit older. But you will still enjoy excellent functionality.

Please be careful about where you shop for Apple refurbished products. You should buy from the Apple refurbished store. Also, take advantage of online platforms like Uptradeit for verified sellers.

Remember, the refurbished phones must undergo certification after proper inspection. Therefore, avoid any sites that cannot offer any product authentication.

Factory Reconditioning

Apple takes refurbished products through stringent processes before releasing them to the store. They will run several tests, reboot, replace parts, and conduct inspections.

Once the product meets specific criteria, it becomes available to the public. What you get is a product that functions like a new one. The company also throws in the necessary accessories, thus making it a worthwhile buy.

After Sales Care and Warranty

One significant attraction to buying new products is the after-sales care and warranty. You know that within a specific period, you don’t have to worry about the cost of repairs.

Well, you can enjoy the same with refurbished Apple products. The company offers a one-year warranty and three-month phone support. Indeed you will get that with its standard retail products.

You also have the option of purchasing AppleCare+. What you get is an extension of the warranty for your refurbished products. The same applies to phone support, which goes up to three years. Please read the fine print to understand the warranty options available to you.

The Other Side of Buying Refurbished Apple Products

It is only fair that we provide a balanced article by looking at some downsides of refurbished Apple products. We can summarize them as follows.


You may not get the brand you want. Unfortunately, that means waiting a little longer for the item to reach the Apple refurbished store. 

Remember, though, some customers trade in their used iPhones and other Apple products to third-party sellers. You may find what you want much earlier than having to wait months. We reiterate our earlier point of being careful about where you buy products.

Older Technology

Be aware that some of the refurbished products operate on older technology. So these may be a bit of a letdown for those who like to keep up with the latest innovations. You can always run updates, though, so it should not be too much of a hustle.

Final Thoughts

Is buying refurbished Apple products a good move? From the reasons we have shared above, we do believe it is. First, as an Apple fan, you can own their products at a much lower price. Yet this does not impact the functionality of whatever you buy.

The company undertakes stringent refurbishing processes. That helps ensure whatever customers buy is fully operational. Indeed, what you get is as good as a new one, even if it may be older technology. But Apple is pretty faithful about rolling out updates. So, take advantage of them to upgrade your phone technology. 

The one-year warranty and support are an extra assurance of what you are getting. You can also buy Apple products from third-party sellers. Please take note of our point of doing proper research on the seller. It helps to establish their reputation and authenticity.

There are platforms you can use to get verified sellers. Such is also ideal if you want to trade in your iPhone or other Apple products.

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