What is In-game Currency and Where to Get It

Learn about the two main types of in-game currency, soft currency, and hard currency, and how to get them. Discover where to buy in-game items or currencies on third-party services and how to choose a credible shop.

What is In-game Currency?

Online gaming is not simply about escaping reality and having fun with your pals. It is a whole virtual world that has specific rules. Sometimes, those rules are pretty similar to real life. For example, you can enhance your gaming experience by using special inside currencies. Additional items and services can speed up your progress, upgrade your character, or bring many other perks. Read on to learn what kinds of in-game currencies exist and how to get them.

Types of In-game Currency

Different games provide different options for getting add-ons, depending on their monetization mechanisms. Overall, there are two main types of currency you can get: hard currency and soft currency. Let’s review them in more detail.

1. Soft In-game Currency

Soft currency is usually something you can get for free or by completing specific activities in a game. For example, you get another try to complete a level after watching an ad clip. Or you get the needed item by solving a quest or defeating an enemy. Such currency usually serves general purposes mandatory to going further within a game. It is common for such games to suggest getting hard currency in addition to soft one.

2. Hard In-game Currency

Hard currency is something you buy with real-world money to proceed within the game: coins, gold, gems, tools, and others. Usually, these kinds of currency serve more complex purposes than simply going a few steps further in the game. They can provide significant shortcuts, boost energy levels and provide extra lives, improve your in-game social status, and more.

Where to Get In-Game Currency

The ways to get extra inside currency may vary. You may need to first top-up your in-game account to get virtual currency and buy the required items. On the other hand, other games require players to purchase coins or tools directly from a set source, without needing a two-step system. For example, different websites offer cataclysm gold for sale as well as other currencies for World of Warcraft. So, you can buy them and add them to your account conveniently.

The direct purchase system is pretty straightforward and is more commonly used for hard currency. When it comes to soft currency, there are also a few subtypes. Earnable currency, as discussed above, is gained through completing in-game tasks, achieving a certain level, watching ads, or simply logging in the game daily.

It can be given both in the form of coins or gems and as bonuses or energy boosts. There is also one more subtype, such as trade-based currency exchange. It means that players can sell unnecessary items to other players to get something they need.

How to Choose a Credible Shop

When buying in-game items or currencies on third-party services, aim for the following ones:

  • Renowned retailers. It is crucial to emphasize that these websites hold complete licensing.
  • Game-specific marketplaces. You may ask your team members or explore forums to know where players get the needed items.
  • Official partners of game developers.

Remember to check out the news to not miss limited-time events within the game itself to get items and currencies for reasonable prices! Some third-party websites offer such sales as well from time to time.

In Conclusion

Depending on the game, you can face different types of in-game currency. Some games offer direct purchase systems while others allow for buying coins or gems that can be used for purchases for a long time. Explore the in-game opportunities for getting the required items or currencies or check for reputable websites that allow you to buy the item outside of the game.

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