Klarna Sofort Is a Clear Winner


n 2005, Sofort was designed to be a financial services platform for digital goods. The company was based in Germany and was available in a small number of countries.
The acquisition of Sofort by the Swedish firm Klarna in 2014 has benefited online shoppers and gamers worldwide. The service has added more products and is now available to more people. More casinos and gaming sites have now liaised with Klarna to enhance payment options.

How Available Is Sofort?

Klarna’s products are available in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the USA. Klarna’s credit card and financing services are offered in stores as well. Sofort is the brand name in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
In other countries, the brand goes by the name Pay Now. Klarna accepts international currencies, including AUD, EUR, DKK, CAD, CHF, NOK, USD, YEN, SEK, and GBP. As one of the largest European banks, Klarna serves 60 million people and counts 100,000 merchants globally.

Security and Privacy

Klarna acts as a middle layer between a customer’s bank and the merchant’s website. Gamers don’t need to create a new and separate Klarna account. If their bank supports Klarna, they only need to enable online payment transactions and specify Klarna.

  • Each transaction uses AES 256-bit  encryption for complete security.
  • Klarna does not store any personal information.
  • Codes are not visible to Klarna or the merchant as the transfer transactions occur only between the customer’s bank and Klarna.
  • Their customer service is available 24/7 for every day of the year.

Easy Funding

It takes a few steps to use Klarna to add funds to a player’s casino account. After registering, the player navigates to the deposit page. They choose online banking or Pay Now, and indicate their resident country and bank. Finally, they enter the amount they want to deposit. An encrypted bank access form is displayed, and the player uses their bank credentials to log in.
Once the request process is complete, the player will receive a confirmation code or transaction authentication number (TAN) via text or email.
The player’s bank generates the code, not Klarna. Every transaction will require one unique TAN that they will need to enter accurately to proceed with the transaction, as they will only have one chance. If the player inputs an incorrect TAN, they must begin the request process again.
Funds will appear immediately in the player’s account without any additional charges. To top this off, the player will receive a transaction summary as a final confirmation of funds transfer. Players can initiate a payment from their tablet or smartphone using the Klarna Android and IOS apps.

Smart Withdrawals

Some casinos allow withdrawals via Klarna. The player must have a personal bank account linked to Klarna. To initiate a transfer, the player chooses Sofort or Pay Now from the list of withdrawal options.
Klarna does not charge a transaction fee. However, some casinos and banks may impose a small charge. It will take two to three business days before the withdrawn funds appear in the player’s bank account.

Works Well with Skrill

Should a player have issues with a Sofort deposit casino, they can choose to use Skrill. In some countries, players can use Klarna to fund a Skrill money transfer.
The same account holder name must be listed in the Klarna and Skrill accounts. Consumers using a joint bank account may need additional verification.
Transfers are not instantaneous; instead, it will take two to three business days. The maximum transfer amount may be limited on a country by country basis. If a transaction fails, the funds will be returned to the sender’s account. However, once an operation is successful, it cannot be reversed or canceled.

Flexible Shopping

Klarna simplifies buying merchandise online: in some countries, the company offers consumers an express checkout option. Merchant integration includes a shipping assistant, multiple payment methods, and fraud liability protection. Besides direct bank transfers, Klarna offers installment plans, 30-day terms, and a store credit card.

A Clear Winner

In Swedish, the word ‘klarna’ means clear, and the company is undoubtedly living up to its name. Transactions are instant and transparent for consumers and merchants. Klarna is a smooth and secure way to shop and game online and is steadily expanding to other countries. With its worry-free payment process and merchant products, Klarna will be around for a long time.

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