7 Most Overrated TV Series On Netflix

Here we will talk about the 7 most overrated TV Series On Netflix that could have been way better. 

These are the overrated shows that made their way to the top of all rating charts with popularity alone. However, this popularity did not come from quality, but from the bountiful masses watching these shows.

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7 Most Overrated TV Series On Netflix
7 Most Overrated TV Series On Netflix

7 Most Overrated TV Series On Netflix

Here’s a list of the 7 most overrated TV Series On Netflix

1. Friends

It’s a great show if you have nothing left to do and still can’t sleep. But watching Friends for the sake of entertainment is not worth it!

Friends is a typical sitcom reflecting the lives of six passive people spending “way too much time in Central Park.”

Additionally, Ross is supposed to be funny because of his enthusiasm for the study of dinosaurs. And, we’re supposed to be in awe of his narrow-minded, jealous-stricken lovesickness.

Could it be more ironic?   

2. Money Heist

You cannot convince me that you spent your whole life designing this great heist plan, and then you end up choosing a bunch of adrenaline junkies to execute it.

At times, Money Heist even seemed too unrealistic to be interesting. Glorifying robbers and kidnappers could not be that cool and the security system seemed too loose at such important institutions. 

Although, the show did raise the question about all the gold reserves around the globe. Do we really have gold? 

3. Breaking Bad

Suddenly cooking meth became a really cool thing. Isn’t the world already struggling with addiction problems?

We do want an extraordinary life. A secret identity is surely cool. But do we really want to peddle drugs for that?

Additionally, the show takes a lot of time to build up. If you’re running short of time, you might not wanna continue after the 1st season.

4. Bridgerton

Bridgerton is a distortion of history. We believe the suspension of disbelief is important when reading/watching something fictional. However, that does not give Cheryl Dunye the space to completely ignore the existence of real culture.

In the Regency period, England had no women of color in the aristocratic populace and that was a real problem until late. 

Secondly, Daphne was trying too hard to look smart, but the character failed her on multiple occasions. 

Bridgerton has its moments for sure but put together, it’s more of a diversity parade than a well-knit plot. 

5. You

A third season? Really? 

We would have loved a show about a sociopath stalking and killing people with a straight face, but not watching the same thing over and over for three seasons.

At one point, You became really funny. Looking at Joe Goldberg only made us laugh.

It’s also highly unrealistic how someone could go on committing crimes without getting caught. 

Violence against women and obsessive male characters are real. Then why make You gratify the idea further? If you’re thinking of another season, we’d love to see Joe’s head on a stick this time!

6. 13 Reasons Why

Why do we have four seasons of 13 Reasons Why? Please don’t tell me we’ll have 13!

The first season was, in fact, impactful. Watching this series can actually make you more empathetic towards your peers and it can fill you up with a deep sense of loss.

However, it should have ended there. 

But it did not. And the hopelessness continues. With Clay Jensen being the most problematic character on the show, we are still not getting the point. 

Gun violence cannot be treated as an excuse for being an agonized teenager. And also, sometimes these children really need to pay attention to their parents. 

7. The Crown

One of the most expensive shows on Netflix, The Crown paid a little too much attention to details. 

Period dramas can be great to watch but watching distortions in a real story can be disturbing. 

The Crown was a great show if we could disconnect it from Buckingham Palace.

However, if you’re obsessed with the royal family, their dresses and lifestyles, The Crown is definitely your show!


Having said that, we have probably ruined some of your favorite shows or just made it to your hate list. Watch these shows and let us know how you liked/hated them in the comment section below.

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