PBN Hosting: Best Private Blog Network Hosting for PBN SEO

PBN Hosting is a highly technical aspect of hosting that covers the track of private blog networks from Google, giving your PBN a huge boost on the search engines. 

As private blog networks (PBNs) are primarily used to hyperlink to a single main domain, the target is to help the main domain pages with products and services to rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing. With PBN SEO as the go-to tactic for gray hat SEOs, because it’s neither black hat nor white hat tactics, are they really worth building from a return on investment (ROI) perspective?

But before we delve right into the factors that make a great PBN Hosting service, and what to look out for when choosing a host for your private blogs, let’s get to explain what PBN actually means for those hearing it for the first time.

PBN Hosting - Best Private Blog Network Hosting

What Is A PBN?

PBN stands for Private Blog Network, which is a network of blogs often run by an individual or organization for the sole purpose of building links to the main website (money site) to achieve a higher ranking in the search engines.

The main website, also known as a money site, is the website that is actually intended to rank, that is, the site that makes money. 

Now that you know what a PBN is, let’s go straight to what PBN SEO means!

What is PBN SEO?

PBN SEO is a technical aspect of hosting that tends to cover the tracks of private blog networks from Google Algorithms and boost the PBNs.

It involves using special hosting services by SEO experts that effectively help avoid Google penalties. As Google is against any unethical link building tactics, therefore it is necessary to cover the tracks of private blogs so that they are not noticed by the search engines.

Back in the days, the right PBN Hosting strategy was not well known, but recently, few select SEOs have come to have revolutionized the PBN SEO game to rank their private blogs effectively without any traces.

What Factors to consider when choosing Best Hosting for PBN SEO 

Effective PBN hosting is one that is devoid of footprints, as almost all other hosting services have footprints associated with them. Below are what to look out for in a good PBN Hosting service!

  • Diverse IP Addresses

You must ensure that your hosting solution comes with a mix up of the different ranges IP networks which your addresses are from as expected. And it is best that inbound links are having different IP addresses where the ‘CCC’ is not the same.

In fact, the whole point of PBN SEO is to host on different C class IPs, and it is highly important that you maintain a mix of Class A, B, and C IPs as well.

Additionally, make sure that your host company does not own all of their IP addresses, as this is a footprint on its own. 

  • Custom SOA Records

The Start of Authority (SOA) record indicates the true information about the server a website is running on and also, it also includes the email addresses associated with the Cpanel account.

And these particular records are the actual PBN killers, with issues such as duplicate email addresses in an SOA record deadly to your private blog networks.

  • Custom Name Servers

There is the need to have a mix of custom name servers for your PBN domain and having all NS records deleted within the DNS record in order to hide your footprints.

Therefore, PBN hosting gives your domain custom name servers so that your sites can not be tracked, or you should make use of public name servers from shared hosting, as this is the easiest way around this sometimes.

But above all, you need a PBN Hosting provider that understands the game! For instance, SeekaHost PBN hosting service has been personally tested by the company’s CEO, Fernando Raymond, for over 5 years before opening it to the market.

SeekaHost offers the best private blog network hosting services with multiple unique Class C IPs for all your private blog network hosting needs. So, if you are looking to build PBN, SeekaHost has an extensive resource to help you get your private blogs running on steroids, as the leading PBN hosting provider.

SeekaHost’s PBN Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Private Blog Network Hosting?

Private blog network hosting is commonly used by the SEO experts who create blogs to facilitate their SEO activities such as link building from PBN. PBN hosting provides unique multiple IP addresses hosting for each blog so each blog acts on the web as hosted/owned by a unique owner. This is important when creating a blog network to support link building from the blogs in one network. 

  • Which is the best PBN Hosting provider in the world? 

SeekaHost PBN Hosting is the best private blog network hosting provider used by thousands of users in the market. It’s said that over 20,000 users use SeekaHost PBN Hosting services to host and manage their blogs with 24/7 customer support.

  • How to Research Domain names for PBN?

PBNs generally require old domains, mostly expired ones, but not just expired ones – you’ll need to research expired domains with clean backlink profiles and in good standing with the search engines. And with PBNs, registering a domain isn’t as simple as registering with a domain registrar and purchasing a domain. The digital footprints can be tracked, as such, it is best to use a domain registrar that can guarantee no footprints like SeekaHost.

  • How to Get Your PBN Hosting Right?

PBN Hosting is the most crucial step in ensuring a successful private blog network, as choosing a good PBN host is important to cover your track so that Google wouldn’t know that you are the owner of the domains.

That is, your PBNs won’t be connected in the crawlers’ eyes, and hosting should be handled by well-known experts in PBN hosting, like SeekaHost, so that you can rest assured that there won’t be any problem.

  • Do You Need to Create Quality Content for PBN?

If you want to make a headway with PBN, you must care about the quality of content, so that it doesn’t raise a red flag to Google, besides raising a flag, Google also loves quality contents. Therefore, you need to invest in the creation of quality content for your PBN as a priority, and try to spend some time on creating good content.

The link building process should be natural as well, as adding several links here and there won’t do any good to your website.

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