Top 8 Slot Games Online Bonus Rounds

If you’re a huge fan of online slot games just like us, the thought of bonus rounds probably gets you pretty excited – they’re a great addition to games at Pay by Mobile phone casino that is already a lot of fun.

Top 8 Slot Games Online Bonus Rounds Lists

We’ve been wondering what our favourite bonus rounds over the years have been, so we’ve created this list of the top eight bonus rounds on online slot games. Read on to find out our choices!

Hot as Hades

If you land three or more scatters on this glitzy graphics-based slot, you’ll be looking at taking on Zeus and competing for the Crystal Helm—you could earn free spins, extra wilds, and bonus obstacles during the levels! It’s a real favourite of ours.

Guns ‘N Roses

Inspired by Axl Rose’s classic rock band, this slot machine can be found everywhere and boasts loads of bonus rounds including ‘Crowd-Pleaser’ for free spins, ‘Appetite For Destruction Wild’ for wilds, and more! If you haven’t played these bonus rounds, where have you been!? Rock on!


If you match the classic boxing glove symbols on both the first and fifth reels of this fantastic slots adaptation, you’ll be allowed to play as Rocky to take on an opponent in the ring! You should expect actual boxing footage from the films, cash prizes and free spins! Don’t miss out!

Planet of the Apes

This mischievous monkey-themed classic is a must-play, mainly for its wicked ‘Rise’ and ‘Dawn’ bonuses which result in additional coins, free spins, multipliers – the whole shebang! We went bananas for this one when it first came out!

Avalon II

Inspired by the classic legend of Arthur, this medieval-themed slot adventure game boasts a whopping eight possible bonus games – there are too many to list, but you can expect multipliers, free spins, exclusive video footage, and more! So much choice!

Family Guy

Everyone loves Family Guy, and if you haven’t played the slot machine adaptation then you’re missing out. The bonus round ‘Drunken Clam’ shows Stewie the baby spinning a globe, not only resulting in bonus levels but picking between a huge variety of epic bonuses! Giggity! 

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah has to be our top pick today. Holding enormous status for its famously huge jackpots and holding the Guinness World Record for the highest slot machine pay-out of all time, it’s an obvious choice. The best bit? It has to be the game’s bonus round, which can be triggered at any moment and provides free spins for a progressive jackpot! Who knows, you could be in the Guinness world record book in the future!

Classic Billy Bonus Bangers

Overall, if you’re looking for a bit more excitement to add to your slot games portfolio, you’d be daft not to pick one of these classics because they all include famously entertaining bonus rounds. What are you waiting for? Get to your computer and give them a go – we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

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