What Is Innovation and How It Develops in Poland?

The innovation system and R&S policy have been going through great changes since 2004, and these changes appeared in its major components and different fields, including gambling. Over time, the performance of the country has improved, while the significant increase in 2018-2020 is mostly due to opportunity-driven entrepreneurship.

The strongest aspects of the innovation policy in Poland happen to be an innovation-friendly environment and employment impacts. That is why you can notice significant improvements in various fields, including online casino, such as “kasyna Blik” which in Poland means casino with Blik, is available these days. So, let’s figure out what innovation is and how it develops in Poland.

What Do They Call Innovation?

This word comes from the Latin verb innovare, and this verb means to renew. It implies that “innovation” has retained the meaning until now, so it means to replace or to improve something. It can be a product, a process, or a service. Innovation is nothing but a process by which something is renewed and made modern by introducing new techniques, using new processes, or establishing brilliant ideas to come up with new value.

Why Does Innovation Play an Important Role?

The country is an emerging innovator because it takes 30th place in the EU innovation ranking. Even though the total innovation indicator for the country grew by 7.8 percent, this figure is still less than average in the EU. However, it is a great breakthrough for Poland.

The innovation system organizations in the country include:

  • Intermediary bodies of the public sector;
  • Governmental bodies;
  • Research-performing organizations;
  • Private organizations, such as technology transfer organizations, enterprises, business associations, etc.

The main goals of the innovation policy of Poland in the nearest time are:

  • Supporting the competencies of people (acquiring skills in certain technologies, training for entrepreneurs, etc.);
  • Digitization and transformation towards industry;
  • Green economy (support for activities aiming at reaching a zero-emission economy, building Green Innovation Hub, etc.);
  • Start-ups, innovations, new technologies (help local government units, industrial property law, etc.)

What Innovations Are in Trend in Polish Online Casinos?

In spite of the uncertain legal status of online casinos in some countries, the industry does not relent in providing its clients with the best. Polish gamblers still access betting platforms to enjoy their favorite casino games, so let`s see what has changed in this field:

  1. Mobile gaming.

Mobile technology happens to be one of the most noticeable breakthroughs we have ever had. Polish punters can play any games they like and get bonuses with the help of their mobile devices. It is also possible to practice on smartphones to become better at gaming.

The benefit is that many companies are selling their gadgets at reasonable prices, making them affordable to everyone. New smartphones obtain specs that offer a wonderful gaming experience. The bigger part of gambling brands has optimized their websites so that bettors can access them via their mobile devices.

  1. Increased live dealer games.

Over the past few years, many bettors have been enjoying table games and slots at online casinos. Some of them were not satisfied by the graphics of such games. Newbies were not happy after playing for a while, and even experienced gamblers kept playing due to their passion. At the same time, technology has been developed to improve things, and one of the best innovations is the availability of live dealer games. Modern gamblers can get a real-life experience at any time without leaving their homes.

  1. The rise of 5G.

These days, communication is critical worldwide because information is essential in different aspects of life. That is why the mobile network has gone a long way from 1G to 4G, but it is not the end. 5G mobile network has appeared, and they believe that it should improve gaming. A stable internet connection will improve access to casino games in Poland.

If you are from Katowice, Warsaw, Wroclaw, or Lordz, you must have noticed the network`s launch in 2020. It improved bettors` experience because gambling websites have faster loading speeds now.

  1. Blockchain technology.

Some Polish gamblers were resistant to online betting due to their security concerns, but now there is no need to worry. Online casinos are doing their best to make sure that their clients are safe. Blockchain technology is one of the innovations that they are using to provide such security. The use of different crypto assets, such as Litecoin, is one of the factors making gambling websites in Poland secure.

The technologies mentioned above are beneficial for both casino owners and bettors. That is why existing and new gambling websites tend to do their best to apply innovative solutions to keep their services up-to-date.

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