Lamicall Adjustable Cell Phone Stand review

Smartphones have become a staple in our daily lives. Gone are the days when a smartphone was simply a device for answering and receiving calls. 

Now, we depend on them for almost everything. From communicating to entertainment or solving math problems, a smartphone is the new super mum. 

With everything a smartphone can do, it is a wonder they haven’t been equipped with features to stay in a position like a good dog. Sometimes we can get so busy that our smart devices cannot remain in the palms of our hands yet we need them at that moment. 

During those times, we wish for a fix that can allow us to make use of it without neglecting other tasks. For example, imagine learning a food recipe through a video on your device.

Lamicall adjustable Cell Phone stand design
Lamicall adjustable Cell Phone stand design


Ideally, the best way to learn is to practice while watching. What do you do with your smartphone while mixing ingredients on a messy countertop? Or perhaps you are a Netflix lover, and all you want to do is wrap around your pillow while watching a favorite. Unfortunately, you have to hold your phone in hand and pray you don’t fall asleep to avoid dropping the device on your face or ground. 

These are some of the challenges that could come from using your device. Thankfully, many durable options solve the downside of being tethered to a device while offering incredible functionality. 

Phone stands and cases are Uber helpful accessories that improve the quality of your experience with a smartphone or tablet. With a good phone stand, you can use your device hands-free. 

This article reviews one of the best adjustable cell phones stand out there, the Lamicall Phone stand. To help you make a great buy choice, we took a unit of the Lamicall Phone stand and put it to test. Our Impressions are carefully documented below, read on.


From the looks of the gadget, it is evident that the Lamicall phone stand has a simple design. The streamlined body makes it look sleek. Also, there is a hole in the middle and some text around the opening. 

A smudge-resistant paint was used to coat the stand. It doesn’t show the fingerprint, and it is easy to clean. You can get the phone stand in different colour variants, including black, grey, and white. Black is always a popular option because it is naturally dirt resistant. 


A simple feel of the Lamicall phone stand should give you a clue about the build of the accessory. After feeling the build of the gadget, we came off with the impression that it is compact and sturdy. It is safe to expect this phone stand to serve for a long time. 

The stand has a moderately broad base, and it is not high above the ground; consequently, the device is firmly balanced. You don’t have to worry about tumbling unless it is knocked over from behind. In that case, you are responsible for the accident. 

That said, another notable feature of the Lamicall phone stand is its wide slot. It will allow you to connect a USB or headphone to the device while it is mounted. So you don’t have to remove the device to charge it or for a personal audio experience. 

Note: If your cable is thick, it might not pass through the slot. And it is not advisable to force the wire through as you risk pushing your phone out of the stand. 


The Lamicall cell phone stand works as advertised. It is a sleek phone stand that can hold your phone for different occasions. If you enjoy trying new recipes, you can make use of this gadget in the kitchen. It can be set on the countertop or a platform above the countertop. 

The Lamicall phone stand provides excellent viewing angles so you can see the screen of your phone clearly, watch videos or answer calls. With this accessory, you can have a much more organized and functional workspace. 


The pricing of this cell phone stand makes it even more attractive. It has a $10 price tag. In our opinion, it is near impossible to find a phone stand that offers a better value for money. 

Also, Lamicall cell phone stand’s (like all Lamicall products) have a 12-month warranty. That means if your phone stand goes bad due to a manufacturing flaw, it will be replaced. 

Overall impression 

From the review, you can see that this Lamicall phone stand has many positives. It has good quality and offers what is expected. 

We are shying away from saying that it is perfect because it has not been tested to the Ying yang. Anyways, there isn’t much to hate about the Lamicall Phone stand. For us, it is a good buy and provides excellent value for the money. 

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