Most Expensive Skin Customizations For CS: GO

No player can deny the fact that many aspects of Counter Strike require the correct use of skill along with the right combination of teamwork. Of course, there are solo aspects as well as recreational players and activities, but it’s extremely hard not to get sucked in the more you play.


Regular play will help players hone their skills, but more importantly, there is no better way to accrue in-game resources. Like many online games today, Counter Strike utilizes a resource system that requires players to repair combat gear.

These systems will keep the most dedicated and loyal players busy, as they’ve likely already completed most in-game activities. Even with the free-to-play aspect, Counter Strike developers do an excellent job of keeping things fresh.

Whether it be updates, new weapons, or sometimes a new campaign, developers are always trying to do something to draw more players in while also keeping the old ones coming back.

One such recent addition was the skin system. Although not a totally original idea, Counter Strike developers have altered the aspects a bit.

With a ranking system, rarities, specialized editions, and a multitude of color schemes, players can easily burn an entire afternoon going after the most elusive skins. These skins can be obtained randomly through purchasable loot crates, but they can also get obtained by completing simple in-game activities.

With the ability to literally customize everything from your character’s knife to his primary weapon, there are near limitless avenues to explore. As with most things in life, the most sought-after are generally the rarest. 

One would be truly shocked at what some of these dedicated players are willing to pay to outfit their characters with the rarest of the rare!

AK-47 Wild Lotus ($2,000 – $10,000)

It only stands to reason that the most recently added weapon skin is sitting on the very top of the most expensive list. 

It also makes sense that the skin is for one of the most utilized and versatile weapons in the game, the AK-47. The Wild Lotus skin, part of the St. Marc Collection, was added in 2019, but still widely popular and sought-after in 2023.

Depending on the source of the purchase, this particular skin will cost players almost $8,000! That’s what a factory new version of the skin goes for. Anything under would be considered a deal. Above all else, this skin is absolutely stunning.

Its design features a darker green basecoat, with a mixture of orange, purple, and red flower petals. There are also combinations of dark vines and green leaves.  CS GO Skin trading sites are the best way to obtain expensive used for cheap.

It looks like a scene you’d find deep in a jungle. To add even more intrigue to the design, the majority of the flowers are closed, with only the big red one near the stock being opened, as if soaking up the sun.

AK-47 Fire Serpent ($1,000 to $10,000)

Another costly one that will set back even the wealthiest of players for a few months is the Fire Serpent. Once again, it is for the AK-47, but this edition offers more of a stock AK-47 look. 

With the front and the back stocks of the weapon coated with sleek shiny wood, the design gives off a parenthesis feel (-design-), immediately drawing the eye to the center of the weapon. And the center is where the elaborate design is.

The most unique thing about this particular design is that it offers more of a mechanical feel, with designs of steam pipes running along the center of the weapon. It makes the weapon look as if it has an exhaust system. 

The Fire Serpent was originally part of the Operation Bravo case, released nearly 10 years ago, but still runs a costly price. Its rarity and classic throwback will set players back nearly $10,000.

AWP Gungnir ($4,000 – $12,000)

There isn’t much as rewarding as landing that perfectly timed and aimed headshot. The satisficing feel of a perfectly executed sniper shot can only be coupled with a sleek, ornately designed rifle. 

That’s where the Gungnir comes in! Being released in 2019, it is also one of the newer skins available today.

Even the battle-scarred edition of this skin can set a player back thousands. Some factory new editions have been reportedly sold for as much as $11,000. This extremely ornate and elaborately designed skin is part of the Norse Collection. 

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