Planning The Best Instagram Marketing To Make The Best Of Social Media

You may have the best websites designed by one of the best web designers and hired one of the best SEO experts and may have the best team working for you but still, you may not be getting the returns as expected in your eCommerce business. You may wonder what went wrong and where and every time finds no answer. Well, the problem lies somewhere else that you have ignored and cannot find it to relate to your failures.

It is all about being social. In this modern world of business. Especially in online business, social media plays a very significant role in facilitating and ensuring the success of any business. This is due to several good reasons such as:

  • There is a large number of active users, actually in billions, on the social media platforms
  • There are several different social media platforms that you can exploit simultaneously at one time
  • People are hooked on to these sites almost always thereby providing you with a greater and much surer chance of reaching out to them with your message, brand, and product.

This means it will be easy for you to enhance your business prospects when you use social media channels. It is for this reason that most of the businesses of today are more inclined to invest in social media marketing rather than traditional print and advertising marketing methods.

Use of Instagram 


More than the Billboards, fliers, and commercials; ads on TV and radio, you will now see websites on the internet doing rounds. 

These websites are linked with the social media profile of the businesses which means that the social followers can access the websites of a particular for further info about the product or services from their social media accounts.

Out of all social media platforms, one of the most useful, popular, and effective ones happens to be Instagram. This is because:

  • It has the largest number of followers
  • They are active most of the time
  • Message and product can be showcased in a better way as it is an ‘image only’ platform and images speak a thousand words as you may know.

Therefore, do not think that you are done or nearly done with your social media marketing efforts until and unless you integrate Instagram into it. With just a little bit of planning and proper utilization of the features and tools that this platform comes with, you will find that it is far too easy to:

  • Reach out to a larger audience, both targeted and beyond
  • Get a large number of real Instagram likes
  • Direct your followers to your site to increase the number of organic traffic  
  • Convert them into your prospective customer and 
  • Increase your business sales and revenue. 

All you have to do to ensure that you get all these is know the ways in which you can really optimize your Instagram photo, your business profile, and your Instagram account on the whole. Instagram Insights, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and several other Instagram features will help you a great deal in growing your Instagram followers and much, much more the process.

Post at the right time

To cap things off, there are basically three actionable steps to follow that will help you to manage your Instagram marketing in a much better way to reach out to a larger target audience and get the desired results.

The first and perhaps most important thing to do is to ensure that you post your content just at the right time. This is even as important as selecting the right type of content, a photo, or a video, to post. You can use the help of an Instagram post template and edit it with your brand elements.  Ideally, the right time to post your photos on Instagram is when your users are typically active.

In order to find out the best time to post on Instagram and get the most engagement out of it from your users, you will need to experiment a lot. You will have to try:

  • A different selection of photos and carefully designed and relevant videos 
  • Posting them in multiple time zones around the world
  • All accounts have a number of followers ranging from one hundred to over one million and 
  • Monitor, assess, and analyze the impacts each time you make changes in your experiments.

That being said, it is best to first find out what are your personalized best times to post the content based on your unique audience and their unique needs and preferences. Timelines, as always, is the most important factor in the Instagram algorithm. The best and proven way to beat the Instagram algorithm is to schedule your Instagram posts for the time when the majority of your users are online.

Respond to your followers

More than 80% of customer inquiries on social media are often unanswered. This is very harmful to a business because:

  • It hurts the image and reputation of the business 
  • It results in the loss of lots of sales prospects
  • And it eventually affects the growth of the business in a negative manner. 

According to a study it is seen that more than 88% of consumers are less likely to buy a product from a company that does not respond to their questions on social media. It is also seen that more than 30% of the consumers move on to a competitor of the company from whom they do not get a response.

Therefore, make sure that you respond to the questions of your followers immediately after it is put up. It is not only good manners but it will also lay the foundation for your business growth and success. A great way to ensure this is to use the Conversations feature.

The last step

Lastly, make sure that you view and analyze all of your most recent Instagram comments in a feed. Find out the best comments and opinions. Also, analyze the negative comments. Focus on these to make changes in your Instagram marketing strategy.

Finally, make sure that you analyze and work in accordance with the conversation history with your commenter.

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