Social Media Tips to Elevate Your Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing plays a key role in any business development. A business cannot flourish without an aggressive marketing strategy. Over the years, dependence on marketing has increased manifold. The reason is that so many businesses of the same nature operate simultaneously.

So the competition is tough. That necessitates an extraordinary marketing campaign for the sustainability of a business. The increased dependency on marketing has also impacted the marketing industry itself. The whole marketing scenario has changed in the last two decades. 

From the traditional printed marketing pamphlets and door-to-door marketing campaigns, passing through the phase of electronic media, it has entered the era of social media. Billions of people spend considerable time on social media platforms. 

Therefore, reachability and penetration are enormous when it comes to the marketing of a product or business on social media. But again, the competition on social media is also massive. One can easily post Ads on any social media platform but can it get the attention of a reasonable number of customers? That’s the real problem. 

Role of Social Media in Marketing of Businesses

In this era of computers, laptops, and smartphones, every business need to have its presence on the internet. The official websites of the businesses are the main source of their visibility on any popular search engine, such as Google. 

Though websites play a crucial role in business development, it needs further support through social media marketing campaigns to get the desired results. Your presence on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter makes the difference. Let’s see how?

Two-way interaction

You can reach your target segment through Facebook and Twitter. Interested customers may interact with you through these platforms. It’s a sort of two-way communication that helps a lot in business development.

Keywords & Hashtags

Keywords and hashtags attract interested customers. Please check out this resource of a law firm.  

Feedback and Response

You will get customer feedback about your product, and you can respond to them through the same tweet or post. It allows you to strategize your marketing campaign accordingly. 

Customer search

Social media network helps you find potential customers. 


You can get information about your competitors’ marketing activities through social media. You can improve your marketing plans using this information. 

Online visibility

Billions of people spend a reasonable time of the day on social media platforms. People discuss everything on Twitter and Facebook. So, your presence and visibility on these sites are of key importance. The more you are visible, the more opportunities you can fetch new customers. Every customer has an exclusive circle of friends on Facebook and Twitter. If you get one person’s attention, you indirectly reach out to several others. 


Marketing might be expensive, but maintaining a social media account costs you the least. You can reach out to a huge number of customers without spending much. Social media network needs no extraordinary expense. So, no matter what your budget is; you can run your marketing campaign easily. 

Personalized Services

Social media networks allow you to provide personalized responses to the customer. You can satisfy his queries and concerns in a personalized way. It helps a lot in business promotion. 

10 Social Media Tips to Elevate Your Marketing Strategies

As discussed above, social media can be your good marketing companion. It provides numerous opportunities for you to improve your business. But it needs an assimilated approach. Here are some useful tips on elevating your marketing strategies by effectively utilizing social media networks. 

Know your Goals


Your target is the first and foremost element of your social media marketing campaign. Set your goals; what do you want to achieve? You cannot achieve so many targets in one go. So, narrow down your ambitions and set an achievable goal. Focus on that target before you launch your social media campaign.

Know your Target Segment

You cannot expect desired results without basic knowledge about your target audience. You cannot get the results if your campaign is not focused on the right segment of customers. 

Determine the segment of the society in which you want to reach out to sell your product. Get maximum knowledge about their expectations, desires, and needs. Strategize your marketing campaign based on this information. 

Select the Right Social Media Platform

Your presence on every social media platform may sound good, but it cannot help unless you have a reasonable and meaningful presence on one or two. Yes, if you can afford to have a good presence on every platform, that’s ideal. But practically, it is not a wise decision. 


Choose the right platform that suits your audience and your product. If you are convinced that Facebook will serve the purpose, plan your campaign accordingly. Or if Instagram is suitable, go for it as well. 

Focus on the “Content”

Create relevancy in the content of your business. The relevancy of content is also associated with seasonal events. It is also relevant to certain festivals. Carefully draft the content of your posts and upload them timely so that it hits the target at the right time. 

Add an Emoji to the Content

An Emoji can speak better than words, sometimes. Use them in the content. Carefully select the right Emoji to convey the message. Wrong or irrelevant emojis will not serve the purpose, rather will damage your campaign. 

Use Live Videos 

Add some attractive but relevant videos to your content. These may be in the shape of an Ad. Pre-recorded videos are also useful. However, a better option is to add live videos. Engage people on Facebook live videos. Encourage them to interact with you. Give personalized responses to them. 

You can use each type of video simultaneously and collectively on your social media network. It leaves a remarkable impact on your customers. 

Decide on the Number of Posts Per Day

You cannot go for unlimited or very few posts per day. As they say “Too much of anything is bad” but simultaneously you cannot compromise your presence on social media. So, you have to decide the frequency. There is no set rule for that. 

Also, you cannot fix a particular number of posts you must upload daily. It depends on your analytic review. A careful study of reviews of your posts can be a good indicator. You need to create a balance.  

Socialize the Product and Brand

Introduce your brand on social media. Introduce yourself and your office. Show the photos and videos of your office environment. Upload the photos and videos of your employees. Give the audience a chance to speak to your employees. This will build an emotional interaction with your clients. 

Correct the “Mistakes”

Ideally, the social media marketing campaign should be free of mistakes. But if there is any, don’t ignore it. Immediately take responsibility and correct it right away. By doing so, you will win the confidence of your target customers. 

Always keep a watch on the latest trends in social media marketing campaigns. Consider following these new trends. Re-visit your social media marketing strategies accordingly. If you can, create a new trend on your own. 


Marketing is the mainstay of any business. An effective marketing campaign can give a boost to your business. Social Media Platforms can play a decisive role in determining the fate of your business. This is perhaps the most effective marketing tool these days. 

To attract the maximum number of potential customers, you must use the social media network carefully and wisely. Focusing on the target audience and uploading relevant posts is important. 

Similarly, the timing is also a crucial factor. Reach out to your customers timely, especially when your product is relevant to some festive occasion. Social media marketing offers every business the best opportunities, regardless of size.

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