Super Boost Wi-fi Booster: Improving Your Wi-Fi Signal

There are times when the wi-fi signal from your router is simply the worst! You cannot stream your favorite movies and music, you cannot play your online games seamlessly, surfing for a worthy book to read or a movie to watch, and even making calls over the internet is such a hard task to do without a strong and reliable signal reception!

In the contemporary world where you depend on using the internet for almost anything, it is a basic need to have the strongest wi-fi signal you can get your hands on. Surely there are times where you are at home, and you cannot connect properly or receive the needed signal to use the internet seamlessly. You then contacted your internet service provider (ISP) to fix the poor signal or find a way to somehow improve the performance you are getting. After all, you are paying a reasonable amount for a good wi-fi signal. Instead, you were offered other packages, more expensive ones, that claim to finally boost and speed up your wi-fi.

How many times have you done that? How many times did this scenario happened or need to happen? Do you have to pay the extra fee per month to have the strong signal you deserve? Before deciding, think hard because maybe what you need is the Super Boost Wi-fi Booster.

What is the Super Boost Wi-fi Booster?

The Super Boost Wi-fi Booster is a signal repeater, range extender, or a wi-fi booster, as the product name states. It is a simple device that can help boosts the signal from your present Wi-Fi router that allows you to have access to the area where it is placed. The Super Boost Wi-fi Booster is also the plug-and-play type of unit, unlike other wi-fi boosters available in the market. Once you receive the unit, simply take it out of the box, plug it in the areas where you have poor to zero signal reception, and connect the Super Boost Wi-fi Booster to your router. In a few moments, the wi-fi booster will amplify the signal it can get, giving you the internet speed wherever and whenever you need it at home.

How Does the Super Boost Wi-fi Booster Improve Wi-Fi Signal? 

The Super Boost Wi-fi Booster improves your wi-fi signal by removing the dead spots or blind spots in your home. Sometimes the reason you have zero to poor reception in a certain area of your homes such as the kitchen, upper bedrooms, comfort rooms, garage, or even the front and back patio is the signal of your wi-fi cannot pass through or is too far from the router, thus creating a dead spot.

Defining A Dead Spot

A dead spot, also known as a blind spot, is a specific area where there is a poor or no signal reception. Once you cannot send or receive anything with the use of your wi-fi, you are in a dead spot regardless of whether you are using your mobile devices, tablets, or laptops.

Four of the common factors that makes a dead spot in your home are the following:

  1. Water. Surely you have noticed that there are instances of losing poor signal reception when it is raining. This is due to the fact that the water droplets absorb radio frequency, which in turn distorts, blocks, and slows down your reception. Also, the humidity of the air or your large aquarium displays disrupts the flow of the signal. 
  2. Distance Away from The Router. Another factor that causes a dead spot is distance. Your wi-fi’s signal only has a certain distance it could reach. It is, therefore, harder to connect and maintain a stable connection the farther you are from the router. It is then best to transfer your wired router to the central part of your home.
  3. Walls and Doors. The layout of a building can also be a cause for you to have a poor wi-fi signal. Imagine your home as an obstacle course. Every wall, door, and fixture it has to pass through makes it weaker as these may distort, deflect, and/or block the signal from reaching the farthest areas at home. 
  4. Electrical Devices. Home appliances such as your refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster, coffee maker, and cordless phones are only a few that have an impact on your signal reception as these appliances cause electrical interference. The lesser the distance from an electrical device, the greater the interference.

Reasons to Buy the Super Boost Wi-Fi Booster

  • Signal Repeater Technology.

You might be familiar with the rescue operation of the Thai Soccer Team. They were trapped in a cave, and the biggest problem the rescuers faced was that radio transmission was blocked by the thick walls making it impossible to communicate. An Israeli company developed a system that captures and boosts the weak signal, which then allowed the signal to travel through the cave and ultimately reach the rescue divers.

The Super Boost Wi-fi Booster uses the same technology but with your wi-fi signal. It captures the signal in your dead spots and boosts it so that you can have good reception in the area. Say goodbye to dead spots in your home! 

  • Pay Less to Your ISP.

You will never have to avail yourself of the expensive data package offered by your internet service provider! You can boost your signal reception with the use of the Super Boost Wi-fi Booster instead.

  • Design.

With its sleek and cool design, you can seamlessly blend it to your room décor. The unit’s color of black and white makes it look more inconspicuous. Add the fact that it is a small unit. You can easily hide it behind or under your furniture or house fixtures. 

Final Thoughts

The Super Boost Wi-fi Booster may be the answer to removing the dead spots in your home. Wherever you, you can have a strong wi-fi signal thanks to this product. You can improve your wi-fi signal for a reasonable amount! Just remember, purchase from legit sellers, and install as instructed. Purchase your Super Boost Wi-fi Booster now!

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