5 Best Programming Languages You Can Learn in 2024

Picking the right best programming language to learn can have a big effect on your job path. Today, we’re going to show you the 5 best programming languages to learn in 2024, based on job opportunities, business trends, and general usefulness.

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5 Best Programming Languages You Can Learn in 2024

Could life be any sweeter?

Yes, to become a high-earning computer programmer, you need to be proficient in at least one programming language. And should be considering learning one in 2024, here are the most rewarding programming languages you can learn.

1. JavaScript

Inevitably, the list starts with JavaScript. This is one of the most fundamental technologies upon which the Internet is built. Do you know that more than 97% of websites on the internet today run on JavaScript?

JavaScript emerged in 1995, starting as LiveScript. It was initially deployed exclusively in web browser development. 

Today, its application range has expanded, powering non-web browser environments and server-side web applications.  

Commonly confused with Java, Javascript is an entirely autonomous language. Basically, Javascript is a lightweight, object-oriented language that boasts first-class functions. 

It works excellently in programming web page behavior and how a page dynamically interacts with a user. JavaScript is one of the most powerful scripting languages you can learn today.

You are sure to be a hotcake when you master JavaScript. Being a high-demand language, a JavaScript developer averagely earns $111,660 annually.

2. Python

Python Programming Language

Python stands out for its readability, being one of the easiest languages you can learn. This language is open source and presents an extensive spectrum of support modules and vast integration capacities. 

Python works with data structures (that you would quickly grasp) and integrates well with GUI-based desktop applications. If you are exploring a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Python is the language to learn. 

Do you know that Python is the core programming language used in building sophisticated animation software like Blender and Autodesk?

What if we told you your favorite websites like YouTube, Instagram, and Quora run on Python programming language?

Yes, that is how powerful it is. And the pay is exciting as well. On average, a Python developer should pull in an annual income of $72,500.

3. Swift

We agree Swift isn’t one of the oldest languages around. But who really cares?

In a dynamic programming landscape, as we have today, Swift makes writing powerful software so fast and easy.

Launched in 2014 by Apple, Swift has rapidly risen into one of the most adopted programming languages around today for its speed and expressiveness. 

Yes, Swift is swift. Its superb performance explains why many prefer it over C-based languages like C++, C, and Objective-C. Expressiveness is another strong suit of this language. Its syntax is a beauty to work with. 

Popular apps like Mozilla Firefox, Flappy Bird, WordPress, and SoundCloud run Swift. If you are a Swift developer, you can expect to pocket around $$96,000 yearly.

4. Java

Yes, Java is a really old guy, but you would be terribly mistaken to think it has lost relevance. Java is a general-purpose programming language (under Oracle Corporation), with applicability extending across desktop and mobile deployments, embedded systems, big data processing… 

It is one of the most versatile languages you can learn. Thanks to its Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) protocol, software written with Java works seamlessly on all platforms, be it iOS, Android, or Windows.

Would it interest you to learn that over 3 billion devices are furnished with Java-operated applications?

A career as a Java developer is no less lucrative. A Java programmer earns an average of $80,000 yearly.

5. PHP

This is another old guy on the list. Indeed, PHP goes way back to 1990. 

PHP is an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. Commonly, this language is deployed in writing server-side scripts. 

But this doesn’t mean you can use it to write command-line scripts. If you have gotten really good at PHP, you can further manipulate it to write powerful desktop apps. 

With PHP, you can quickly produce dynamic page content, gather form data, curate cookies, and manage your database (adding, deleting, or generally modifying data). You can even use PHP to encrypt data.

It is interesting to note that PHP has a hand in developing at least 8 in 10 websites on the internet today. The likes of Yahoo and Facebook yet run PHP.

On average, a PHP programmer can earn over $81,000 annually.

So there you are. These are some of the most lucrative and best programming languages you can learn in 2024. 

Learning a language may look complicated. But by consistently putting in small pieces of time in coding, you can transform in the long run into a badass programmer. 

Samuel Jim
Samuel Jim

Samuel Jim Nnamdi is the CTO of Foxstate, a platform that powers digital infrastructures for Real estate financing globally. He has over 8 years of Software Engineering and CyberSecurity expertise.

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