9 Questions To Ask Before Hiring Book Publishing Services

Before hiring book publishing services, make sure you’re making the right choice by asking these nine essential questions. This guide will help you understand publishing agreements, evaluate service quality, and get clear on costs. Ideal for new authors or those considering a change, these questions will guide you to a well-informed decision, ensuring you find the best match for your book’s success.

As more authors choose self-publishing over traditional publishing, the self-publishing industry has experienced a tremendous increase in popularity. However, many authors are still deciding whether or not to self-publish their books and, if they decide to, whether or not to hire low cost book publishing services to publish their books. To that end, I strongly recommend hiring them.

There are several advantages to using low-cost book publishing services that you cannot get if you self-publish your book.

Additionally, it is simple if you are tech smart and knowledgeable about the top self-publishing sites. However, not everyone has the time to devote hours in front of a computer, preparing a book to match the platform’s demands.

Using book publishing services in this situation can be a wise decision. They have a professional team of book publishers familiar with the prerequisites and guidelines for publishing books on each platform.

However, this does not imply that you should hire a book publishing service at random. Instead, do your research in advance at all times to prevent falling into a scam. Check out review websites to determine whether the company you are planning to hire is legit or not.

Before signing a contract with the publishing company, ensure you get some important questions answered.

So, let’s jump in and explore some important questions you need to ask before working with a book publishing service. So let’s start:

Questions To Ask Before Hiring Book Publishing Services

Out of all the publishing services on the market, you must choose the best one. Avoid the trap by constantly evaluating every service before entering into a contract with them. You might get false hope from some of them, so be cautious.

Additionally, always browse their websites to learn more about their past projects, reputation, and the services it provide. So, before you enter into a contract with a book publishing service, consider asking the following questions to prevent any regrets in the future: 

1. Do I Still Have Full Rights To My Book?

No one can ask for exclusive rights to your book. It’s illegal. Most book publishing services work on an on-time-payment model. They charge you an upfront fee that includes all your requested services. So, asking this question before signing a contract is always important. The rights to the book are solely yours; no one can ask them in return for their services.

2. Can I Cancel My Publishing Contract At Any Time?

A contract could result in a number of problems. Therefore, before signing a publishing contract, always read the terms and conditions. Avoid committing to a contract that demands the right to your book or that you cannot terminate. However, that does not mean you gain the freedom to terminate a contract at any time, especially without a legitimate reason.

3. What Are The Charges Of Your Publishing Services?

When dealing with book publishing services, this question is important. Therefore, be careful to secure a comprehensive agreement stating all the services that will be offered throughout the duration of your contract.

Also, don’t forget to ask about any additional service that is offered there. Make sure that none of the prices will change in the future and that they are all fixed.

4. What Services Are Covered By The Publishing Contract?

Will the publisher format and publish your book after editing, copyediting, or proofreading it? Do these services come with additional costs? Or will you be responsible for the final manuscripts? The majority of book publishing services charge fixed fees for these extra services. Because these extra costs may affect your finances, think about asking this question before signing the contract.

5. When Will I Start Earning From My Book Sales, and Do You Charge Royalties On Book Sales?

Many book publishing services nowadays charge royalties on book sales. They oversee the sales of your books and are compensated with a cut of the revenues. However, you can pick a publisher who charges a one-time price for its publishing services if you don’t wish to divide the revenues. In this model, no commissions on book sales are deducted from your payment, which is deposited directly into your account.

6. Will You Keep Me Up To Date On My Sales Reports?

You won’t likely have access to this data if your publisher oversees the accounts used to publish your book. Therefore, you must trust that your publisher will offer reliable sales information. Moreover, you must request these sales data at least once every month.

7. Would You Endorse My Book Once It’s Published?

Professional book publishing services give you access to a sizable readership that you can use to endorse your book. This way, you can significantly increase your book sales. However, if you want to promote your book, you must pay separately for their marketing services. This could be a smart alternative if you lack the necessary time or knowledge because they have experienced marketers who can design advertising campaigns specific to your requirements.

8. How Long Have You Been Providing Publishing Services To Authors?

This is undoubtedly the most important question that you need to ask your book publisher. However, I suggest collaborating with a company with a proven track record of their work, who has a lot of industry expertise and understands how to transform your book into a literary success.

9. How Long Have You Been In The Self-Publishing Business?

Let’s imagine they have a substantial collection of books to their credit that has appeared on numerous self-publishing websites. If so, you need to cross-check their claims, as most companies nowadays mention fake work experience. 


There are many more questions that low cost book publishing services can help to address. The decisive factors are what you want and expect from a publisher about publishing your book. Moreover, numerous fraudsters are waiting to rip you off your money. So, I strongly suggest looking for trustworthy service providers. So do your research before making a decision to avoid regretting it later!

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